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Our window shutters are available in 7 different styles – Carolina, Georgia, Phoenix, Vancouver, Boston, Hollywood and Seattle. Find out below to see which colours we offer by style. We can also custom colour match on any of our shutters. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Shutters colour chart

White Cravat Colour Whim White Colour Wenge Colour Weathered Teak Colour Taupe Colour Stringy Colour String Colour Stone Grey Colour Silk White Colour Rustic Grey Colour Rosewood Colour Rich Walnut Colour Red Oak Colour Red Mahogany Colour Pure White Colour Pointed White Colour Pearl Colour Paprika Colour Old Teak Colour Off White Colour Oak Mantel Colour New Ebony Colour Medium Dark Oiled Colour Medium Dark Laquer Colour Marshmallow Colour Mahogany Colour Limed White Colour Light Medium Colour Ivory Lace Colour Hard White Colour Hall Grey Colour Golden Rod Colour Golden Oak Colour French Oak Colour Extra White Colour Elephants Air Colour Dark Teak Colour Crisp Linen Colour Creamy Colour Cordovan Colour Cocoa Colour Clunched Colour Clay Colour Cherry Colour Chai Colour Cameo Colour Butter Colour Brown Grey Colour Bright White Colour Blue Gray Colour Black Walnut Colour Bisque Colour Alabaster Colour