Are Window Shutters a Good Idea?

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Window shutters have become something of a trend over the past few years. Why would you need them when you live in the UK with its rather unpredictable weather? People tend to think of shutters when they visit Europe or the deep south of the USA, as nearly every home and apartment tends to have […]

Are Window Shutters Good For Security?

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The short answer is yes! Window shutters are good for security, and will deter burglars. Let us explain why. Your home is your castle, and you must feel safe and secure when indoors. Despite the more obvious security precautions you can take, such as burglar alarms and security cameras, shutters are an extra deterrent to […]

How Much Do Window Shutters Cost?

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Shutters are an appealing design feature to many homeowners looking to refresh their windows, bringing a sense of elegance to any space. Made to measure, window shutters come in a range of different shapes and sizes, a broad spectrum of colours, and in a selection of continental and colonial styles. However, some prospective buyers are […]

Shutters vs. Blinds


Shutters vs. Blinds Blinds come in several types, the most common being Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, and roller blinds. Shutters are also available in many styles, including full height, tier on tier, cafe style, solid, and tracked. All these window treatments work well to control light and provide privacy. The main differences between shutters and […]

Which Shutters Are Best?


The most common type of shutter and probably the best shutter for most homes is the Plantation shutter. Below we compare the different types of plantation shutters available.   Compared to your more traditional window curtains, plantation shutters come in a variety of options and materials. Adjustable louvres offer a choice in how much natural light you let […]

Different Types of Shutters For Windows

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A window shutter is a stable window covering installed for security and privacy and to prevent outside elements from entering into the house or in the case of people looking into the house. There are mainly two main types of window shutters and they are the interior window shutter and the exterior window shutter. Below […]

How Long Do Window Shutters Last?

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Shutters are the longest lasting window fixture and once installed, are considered to be permanent. In fact, shutters are probably the only window fixture that will add value to your home. As people become more environmentally friendly they are now investing in fixtures that are designed to last and window fixtures are no exception. They […]

Types of Window Shutters – Which Style Will Work Best for You?

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Interior and exterior window shutters have been used for hundreds of years by overseas homeowners, on both the inside and outside windows. Southern Europe, the Caribbean, and America’s Old South are parts of the world where shutters have been used for generations. Due to their stylish look, practicality, and easy maintenance, shutters have gained popularity […]

Plantation Shutters & Period Homes

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Plantation shutters are a beautiful and might we add popular addition in any home. There’s one style of home in particular however, where we see plantation shutters being an incredible asset to the overall look and appearance. The homes we’re talking about here are period homes. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN Period style homes are […]

Big Bay Windows

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When it comes to window dressings, big bay windows can be a difficult one to master. They’re large, in some cases almost palatial and require a certain amount of attention. Here at Diamond Shutters however, we have some top tips to have you ray windows looking nothing short of. exquisite. Before we dive into how […]