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Our absolute priority at Diamond shutters is the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees, and all of their families as we manage our way through these extraordinary circumstances.

Please be aware if you have already ordered shutters from us that our factory is carrying on as normal and all your orders are being processed, if we encounter any delays, we will notify you immediately.

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A Detailed Guide To The Different Styles Of Shutters

When it comes to window shutters, it isn’t simply a case of deciding whether or not to have them but rather which window shutters should you have installed in your home. In order to make the best decision, it’s worth understanding the different types available along with their functions and of course, their benefits. Let’s take a look…

What Are The Different Types Of Window Shutter?

There are a number of different window shutters on offer here at Diamond Shutters, from Tier-on-Tier to Tracked and even Cafe Style. We have numerous categories available to you however, today we’re going to look at the most popular window shutters available. These incorporate Full Height window shutters, Tier-on-Tier, Cafe Style, Solid and Tracked.

Full Height Window Shutters

Full height shutters are a great option for pretty much any window space. Full height window shutters, as their name suggests, covers the entire length of the window. Because of their size, they offer the maximum amount of privacy, insulation and light control too. Depending on whether you choose to open or close your blinds, you can enjoy the maximum amount of light or an almost blackout effect.

Tier-On-Tier Window Shutters

Tier-on-Tier window shutters are made up from two different shutter panels, one on top of the other. The beauty of this style window shutter is that you can move the bottom louvres independently from the top louvres. This gives you all the privacy and light control of full height shutters with a little more flexibility as you can leave the bottom half closed for privacy while you open the top half to let in more light.

Cafe Style Window Shutters

Cafe style shutters are a unique style of shutter in that they only cover the bottom half of the window. These are usually great for those who’s windows sit directly on a footpath or pavement and require the continual privacy. They leave the top half of the window uncovered which means maximum light for the room too.

Solid Window Shutters

Solid shutters are exactly as they sound, completely solid panels of wood. They boast no louvres or slats. They are excellent for those wanting an almost blackout effect as well as added insulation. Do bear in mind however, once they’re closed, they will not let in the light and when they’re open, you have little to no privacy.

Tracked Window Shutters

Tracked shutters are shutters that sit upon a track system. They can be filed back concertina style and are ideal for larger window spaces and bifold doors. These can hold solid panels or louvres, so there is complete flexibility here.

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If you’d like more information on the different window shutter options available or even help deciding on the best style for your home and lifestyle, simply contact us today on 0208 302 2447. Our team will be more than happy to help transform your windows with the best window dressings out there. 

Do Shutters Provide Complete Blackout In A Room?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to window shutters is whether they provide complete blackout in the room they’re installed. The answer to this question however, can vary greatly depending on not only the shutters installed but it’s worth noting that as a rule of thumb, shutters are designed specifically to block out a significant amount of light. So what does this mean for you?

Well, it’s first very important to realise that light will always find a way into your room. This can be through the window frames itself as well as various other window dressings such as supposed blackout blinds and even heavyweight blackout curtains. Shutters however can be more effective for the simple fact that they’re made from a more heavy duty material as well as their ability to control light. 

Window Shutters Can Block Out Significant Light

Window shutters come in varying forms. From Cafe Style shutters to Tier-on-Tier and even solid window shutters; there really is something for everyone. If you’re looking for the most effective however, in terms of black out, solid window shutters may be the best option. The only issue you may find with solid window shutters is that they do not provide the flexibility that you would ultimately get with a window shutter that boasts louvres. Full height shutters or Tier-on-Tier however, allow you to open and close the shutters as and when you need. This gives you the ability to block out the light when you need to and allow light in at your convenience too.

Blackout Your Windows With Shutters

While shutters may at times let in a little light, there are methods you can take advantage of that will give you complete blackout as well as the flexibility of allowing light in when you need it. 

  • Use Blackout Blinds With Shutters – one great way of minimising the light in any room is to pair blackout blinds with shutters. It’s important to integrate the blackout blinds with white shutters, ensuring this is explained during the design process as this allows the blind to run behind the shutter, reducing the amount of light that seeps into your room.
  • Use Blackout Blinds Behind Plantation Shutters – the use of blackout blinds behind plantation shutters is another great way to limit the light in your room. This helps minimise light and still offers those who love a Venetian style blind to enjoy that look in their room.
  • Combine Curtains & Shutters – by combining curtains and shutters you can really block out a significant amount of light. This works by allowing the curtains to block any further light coming in from the edges of the window shutters themselves. For the best results, use heavier, blackout curtains on top of the shutters.
  • Choose Solid Shutters – as we mentioned above, solid shutters are a great way to block out light as they have no louvres. The shutters are entirely solid and therefore far more substantial than those with slats.

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If you’d like more information on window shutters and creating the perfect blackout effect, simply contact our team today on 0208 302 2447. 

Shutters For French Doors

French doors or patio doors as they’re otherwise known, are some of the most incredible additions to a home. They open up space, both physically and in terms light. Yet they seem to pose quite the stumbling block when it comes to dressing them. Today we’re going to look at two different types of shutters for French doors, that allow for both privacy and light control while still allowing you to enjoy them whatever the weather.

Window shutters are a great window treatment for French doors, as they offer a more durable and on-trend solution when compared to the likes of curtains or fabric blinds. The question is however, which type of shutter is best?

Full Height Shutters For French Doors

Full height shutters with a mid rail is a very commonly used type of shutter. Made from wood,  these shutters are tough, hardy and incredibly long lasting. These can be used on French doors and patio doors and with Diamond Shutters, can be made to the exact measurement of your door frame size.

On full height shutters, mid rails are most commonly used to hide unsightly door handles while providing another element of strength to what can essentially be a rather tall door.

Made To Measure Tracked Shutters

If full height shutters aren’t your preferred choice, then you may want to look at tracked shutters. Tracked shutters are ideal for those who want to enjoy seeing an entirely open door when the shutters are pulled back. With tracked shutters, this is exactly what you can enjoy.

With tracked shutters, panels can be stacked on top of each other, much like bi-fold doors or they can remain parallel to the windows. Bi-fold style tracked doors however are perfect for those who wish for a totally clear view when they’re open. 

By using a top and bottom track, the tracked shutters will move freely as and when you need them to. Simply open them up and stack them neatly against the wall or beside the door reveal.

For Help Dressing Your French Doors, Contact Diamond Shutters Today

For more help and information when it comes to French Door window shutters, simply contact us today. 

Here at Diamond Shutters, we’ve spent many years designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality window shutters for not only every room in the home but every window shape possible.  We’ve installed countless full height and tracked window shutters for French doors up and down the country and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

If you’re undecided as to what would be the best option for you or simply want a quote, contact us today on 020 83022447. Our team will be more than happy to help advise you on the best course of action for you and your home.

Interior Shutters For Large Windows

One of the biggest fallacies that surrounds interior window shutters is that they’re only for smaller window spaces. The truth is, interior window shutters can be made for any size window or door frame. In actual fact, we design and install window shutters for large windows on a regular basis. 

The Benefits Of Tracked Window Shutters For Large Windows

When it comes to large windows, we tend to suggest tracked shutters. With tracked shutters, you enjoy complete control over the shutters and your window space. In fact, there are a number of benefits to enjoy.

Enjoy Maximum Privacy And Light Control 

You can play with moveable slats to ensure you enjoy the level of privacy and light you’re looking for at any one time and what’s more, you can also enjoy a completely open window space with bi-fold tracked shutters should you want to. From fully open to fully closed, our tracked shutters give you the versatility to suit your mood on the day.

Reduce Energy Bills

With tracked shutters, you get shutters that cover your entire window space. This has been known to help insulate your home further, giving rise to less use of internal heating systems. You’ll also enjoy more light through the open slats while still enjoying that much needed privacy. Instead of closing the curtains and having to switch on the lights, you can simply open the slats to let in the light. Once again, resulting in reduced energy bills.

Noise Reduction

With an added layer on such a large window opening, you can enjoy a reduction in external noise, whether that’s from traffic or simply noisy neighbours.

Choose Window Shutters To Suit You

Once again, when it comes to window shutters for large windows, people falsely believe they’re limited in what style and design they can have. Yet another myth we’re happy to bust. Here at Diamond Shutters we have some incredible designers, all of whom are happy to create window shutters that won’t just function as you want them to, but look as beautiful as you’d imagine.

From solid woods to vinyl, in a variety of colours and finishes, we can provide you with your dream window shutters for any size window. We can help you create a window shutter feature using some beautifully bold finishes. We can also help them blend in with the rest of your decor and walls, to match the rest of the aesthetics in your home.

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While tracked shutters aren’t the only option for large window openings, they are most certainly our favourite as they offer both functionality and style for such large openings. Based on a top and bottom track, tracked window shutters are easy to manoeuvre and use to your liking too, whether you choose bi-fold or by-pass tracked shutters.

If you’d like more information on finding the best interior window shutters for large windows in your home, simply contact Diamond Shutters today on 020 83022447.

Help Your Children Sleep With Window Shutters

What’s one of the first things you do after tucking your child into bed? Would we be right in saying you switch on their night light? It’s not uncommon. In fact, a huge amount of parents all around the world put a night light on in their child’s room. 

Would you be surprised however if we told you that the night light you switch on in order to make your child feel more comfortable could actually be inhibiting their sleep and contributing to tiredness the next day?

The True Effects Of Night Lights

Whether you use a night light, a light show or a simple glow from your baby monitor, they could all have devastating effects on the sleep your child enjoys. It’s all down to the wavelengths of the light they find themselves staring at. 

White and blue based lights, no matter how dim will stop what’s known as the secretion of sleep hormone melatonin at night. We need this melatonin to tell the body it’s time to sleep. Without it, the brain simply will not switch off and it all works thanks to mother nature herself.

Melatonin is released into the brain thanks to light sensitivity in the eyes. Much like our eyes registering daylight, triggering the brain to release cortisol, making us more alert. It does the same at night time, registering the absence of light which sends another message to our brain, telling it to secret melatonin to help us sleep. 

With artificial lighting however, especially when we’re trying to go to sleep, these natural responses our bodies should be making can become interrupted.

Visible tilt rod vs hidden tilt rod

How Window Shutters Can Help

Melatonin isn’t just needed to help your child sleep, it’s also needed to help them sleep for longer, throughout the night too. While we understand that simply taking away that all important night light isn’t always possible, ensuring as much darkness within the room itself however, is. That’s where windows shutters come in.

Here at Diamond Shutters, we know only too well that window shutters can be incredibly beneficial in helping to keep rooms dark and minimising the light that can interrupt sleeping. Here are just two of the ways that your bespoke interior shutters could benefit your child:

  • Perfect Fit – as they’re made-to-measure, you’ll find them the best possible fit. This means that not only will they function well when opening and closing but they’ll provide a perfect seal around the window frame too. This means minimal light going in around the shutters.
  • Flexibility – with slats that can be opened and closed (depending on the style of window shutter you go for) you can enjoy maximum light during the day and almost complete black out during the night.
  • Thickness Of Window Shutters – unlike blinds and curtains which can often let a ‘glow’ of light in, window shutters are thicker and usually made from a material that prevents any light from penetrating through allowing for complete darkness.

Whether you’d like to remove your child’s night light entirely or simply help keep their room as dark as possible alongside their favourite baby monitor glow, contact us today for more information on 020 83022447.

Georgian Window Shutters – A Brief History

Georgian window shutters are most commonly associated with Georgian style houses. Internal shutters would fold back in to form a ‘window reveal’.

These were most commonly used throughout the 18th century through until the 1840’s. In the 18th century, the fielded panel with plain recessed panels were quite common however, in the early 19th century, these were changed up for flush panels.

If you’re lucky enough to possess original Georgian window shutters, then you can usually tell their date of origin by looking at the hinges.

Decorative hinges in either ‘H’ style or ‘Butterfly’ style would hint toward the late 17th century and early 18th century. Plain ‘H’ or rectangular hinges however, would hint toward a later origin.

While some shutters were split horizontally, allowing the bottom half of the shutter to be closed for privacy, others were split vertically – as we know today.

Regardless of how they were split, decorative holes were sometimes pierced into the shutters, in the shape of hearts, ovals or even circles to still allow a little light into the room even when the Georgian shutters were fully closed. This trend however, petered out, leaving plain leaves to reign supreme.

The Benefits Of Georgian Window Shutters

There are numerous benefits to Georgian or solid panel window shutters. Some obvious, some not so. To give you a better idea, we’ve listed them below:

Privacy – stop prying eyes and nosey neighbours from peering in through you windows with solid window shutters. When they’re closed, nothing can be seen through your windows at all.

Heat Insulation – most of the heat from our homes is lost through the roof and through our windows. By adding solid or Georgian style window shutters to your windows, you’re adding a much needed layer to your windows to prevent further heat loss. This could lead to you saving a lot of money on your bills in the long run.

Black-Out – like to have your room as dark as possible when sleeping? Then Georgian or solid window shutters are the best possible option. When they’re closed, you can trust that not an ounce of light will venture through your windows. The wooden shutter panels used in these shutters are much thicker than blinds or curtains and will give you the black-out effect better than anything else.

Keep Noise Out – when it comes to keeping noise out, curtains and blinds are pretty much pointless. Solid shutters on the other hand give you that much needed extra barrier between your window and room, helping to keep unwanted noises out as much as possible.

Increased Security – just as window shutters provide added privacy, preventing those prying eyes, they also help add another layer of security, making your windows almost impenetrable. They also act as a great deterrent for burglars too.

If you’d like more information on Georgian window shutters for your home, contact Diamond Shutters today on 020 83022447. Our team will be only too happy to run through your options and show you just what can be done in your home. 

Window Shutters For Your Kitchen

Everyone wants the most beautiful window shutters in their home. With the kitchen being labelled the heart of the home, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular locations for us to fit and install them. Here at Diamond Windows, we install the best quality window shutters in virtually any room in any home and what’s more, we can do the same for you in your kitchen too.

Parties always end up in the kitchen, that goes without saying. The food, the drinks are in the kitchen along with that all-important buzz of excitement so naturally, the party follows. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to ensure you have the best quality window shutters on display to not only help control the light but also help control the noise from the outside in, but also the inside out for when the party really starts to get going.

Window shutters are versatile, flexible and practical, making them the obvious choice for many but how do you know you’re choosing the right company to install window shutters?

Do window shutters reduce noise

Interior Window Shutters For Your Kitchen – By The Best

Everyone wants the best window shutters in their kitchen and one search on Google will reveal there are a multitude of different companies to choose from.

Finding the right window shutter company can therefore feel like a daunting task but with these tips below, we think you’ll find the process a whole lot easier while also realising the hard work is over because you’ve found us.

  • Look For Experience – when it comes to window shutters, experience is a must. Going with a company that has proven success will give you peace of mind that you’re working with experts. Here at Diamond Windows, we have 25 years experience within the window shutters industry. Over those 25 years we’ve created one of the most experienced teams possible. Not only can we manufacture and install high quality window shutters but we can also provide the customer service you should expect.
  • High-Quality – by using a quality company, you can guarantee quality products. We use the very best materials every step of the way along with strict quality controls throughout the entire process. From start to finish, you can rely on the fact that the shutters you receive from us are second to none.
  • Range Of Products – when it comes to window shutters, there is no one-size-fits-all. Everyone is different in terms of the style they want and the function they want it to carry out. Likewise, each home is different in terms of window space too. Therefore having a range of window shutters to choose from, especially those made bespoke, will ensure you get exactly what it is you’re looking for. Whether it’s shutter style, colour or material, here at Diamond Windows, we’ll create exactly what you want.

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If you’d like to discuss the options for your kitchen windows with us at Diamond Windows, simply contact us today on 020 83022447. From the very first phone call to the very last screw during installation, you can guarantee a high quality service along with the best kitchen window shutters anywhere in the UK.