Do Window Shutters Help You Save Money On Bills?

If previous years are anything to go by, winters only look set to get colder each year. As a result, homeowners are naturally looking for new ways to reduce heat loss within the home while at the same time take control of escalating heating bills.

Luckily for such homeowners however, shutters are proving to be one such way to help improve your homes energy efficiency, so much so that homes with window shutters installed even boast a much better energy efficiency report when being sold.

Recent statistics have shown that shutters can have a huge impact on the home, helping reduce heat loss through windows by over 50%. If that isn’t an effective way to reduce heating bills, we’re not sure what is. That means your window shutters won’t just look great, but they’ll help keep your home even more energy efficient and save you money in the long run. That sounds like an investment you can’t afford to miss.

Windows Shutters: An Energy Efficient Addition To Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to conserve energy, then our Diamond Shutters could be just the ticket. Window dressings such as these not only help reduce heat loss in winter, by keeping the heat within the home, but they also help reduce heat gain in the summer too, reducing the need for air conditioning. Solid window shutters are fantastic insulators, being able to trap cold air between the shutter itself and your window, providing an extra layer of insulation.

According to the government agency, around 30% of the homes heat is lost through its windows. Adding this particular window dressing to your home would therefore aid in reducing that 30% loss. The exact amount would of course depend greatly on the type of shutter installed, the season and of course, how you use your shutters.

Window Shutters Prevent Heat Loss

When your window shutter panels and louvres are set to closed, they can help reduce heat loss by more than 50%. Add in secondary glazing and you’re looking at a heat loss reduction of nearer 60%.

Combine curtains on top and you get the picture – the picture’s warm. While heat loss from windows can be complex, adding in additional layers of insulation needn’t be and with our range of wooden window shutters, you can add in a stylish addition too.

Blocking out those money draining draughts won’t just leave yourself feeling more comfortable, it’ll leave your wallet feeling noticeably more comfortable too. Winter heating bills will be reduced thanks to this far more effective solution than curtains and blinds alone.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Today

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Do Window Shutters Help With Home Security?

Wooden shutters have become a must-have for all homes now. They provide a modern alternative to regular blinds and look great at the same time. Looking fantastically functional isn’t their only benefit however, as more and more people now choose to install window shutters in a bid to help with home security.

In fact, they aren’t just a little beneficial, they’re absolutely ideal if you’re looking to ensure added privacy and enhance your home security further, while still being able to filter the light and air into your home as you please.

Whether you live above, below or directly on street level, you’ll no doubt at some point wish you had a little added privacy from passers-by on pavement to window cleaners and even the neighbours dog. This need for privacy is naturally extended to help prevent prying eyes who may have their sights set on your property for other reasons.

Window Shutters: Every Home Needs Them

You may be surprised to learn that window shutters, from full height window shutters to wooden, tracked and even tier on tier window shutters can all help in your bid to add an extra layer of security to your home. Don’t believe us?

Allow us to explain with this break down of security style benefits you could expect when you have any one of our window shutters installed in your home.

  • Durability – all of our window shutters are not only durable but hard wearing. This means that no matter how often you tinker with the slats to adjust the light, they’ll remain strong and steadfast in place for years to come. This added layer of material against a double or triple glazed window for instance will be more than off putting for those looking at ways of entry that don’t involve your front door and a key. With quality craftsmanship and a first-class finish and installation, you can rest assured they’ll remain steadfast and strong, adding to your home security at what may otherwise prove to be a weak point in the home.
  • Keep Prying Eyes Out – statistics show that those breaking and entering will do so after having inspected the property via the windows, taking note of what’s on show and what’s available. Without the opportunity to see what’s on offer inside, many choose to walk away and instead target another property that showcases their belongings in an easier fashion. Adjustable louvres not only give you total control over the light entering your property but also help keep prying eyes out of your home.

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While more traditional home deterrents may often be unsightly, you can rely on our window shutters to provide you with some of the most elegant security out there. If you’d like more information on our range of window shutters here at Diamond Shutters, simply contact us today on 020 8302 2447.

Do Window Shutters Add Value To Property

Whether you’re a first time buyer or in your forever home, you’re always going to be looking for the most subtle way to add value to your home. When it comes to ‘value adding’ additions, the majority first head toward things such as granite worktops but would you be surprised, however, to learn that window shutters are another great way of adding value to your home?

Before you begin weighing up the pros and cons of adding these type of window dressings to your home, we thought we’d do the hard work for you. Here are just some of the reasons why window shutters can help to add value to your home…

The Financial Benefits Of Window Shutters

  • Custom Design – one of the reasons so many people love window shutters is for the simple fact that they’re designed specifically for you home. Window shutters are custom built to fit your windows which makes them totally unique to your home. This means that everything from their fit to their function are unique to you and it’s this that gives them that real wow factor. In fact, window shutters have been known to help property sell more efficiently as they contribute to kerb appeal. Kerb appeal has been known to have a huge impact on property sales, especially when that property has the ‘wow’ factor.
  • Added Insulation – let’s face it, winters (and every other season for that matter) here in the UK can be bitterly cold. For some of us, it can feel like a constant battle trying to keep our homes warm. Not only are the colder months miserable at times, with gloomy skies and windy days, but our heating bills will often rise more than we ever thought possible. If we can add something to our home however, that not only looks good but provides an insulating effect too, then you’re on to a winner. Their incredible insulating effect is in fact one of the main reasons solid window shutters will add value to your home, just as double-glazing would. Window shutters will make your home far more appealing and are now being seen as an investment in the home, rather than a merely aesthetically pleasing addition.
  • Environmental Impact – being as insulating as they are, window shutters are automatically more environmentally friendly. How? Well, as we all strive to reduce our carbon footprint, window shutters give us yet another way of doing so as they help us to reduce our use of in-home heating systems. When buying a home, many will now ask to see the EPC certificate which gives potential buyers a rough guide as to the cost of heating and lighting a home. It also shows what a home’s rough carbon dioxide emissions are over the course of a year. Window shutters, with their ability to help insulate your home, while also allowing you to control the light you let in through your windows, are a very effective way of improving your home’s EPC certificate rating.
  • Improved Security – security will always be a concern for those buying a home. If, however, said home comes with a way of improving its security, it suddenly becomes all the more appealing. Believe it or not, shutters can help improve your home’s security by making it increasingly difficult for passers-by to see into your home. The vast majority of burglars will usually want to peruse your home through the windows first before breaking and entering. Not being able to do this is a big deterrent. Those breaking into a property will also look for a quick and easy entry, which is another area in which shutters can help as they make access far more difficult.

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We also have a wide range of shutters suitable for most budgets and our team are on hand to help in any way possible. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your home and increase its value today.

A quick history of window shutters

Thousands of years ago, early humans decided to move out of the jungles and into the caves. Pretty soon they discovered that, as the sun began to set, it was just a little bit too bright. Grabbing a nearby rock to plug the entrance to the cave, an unknown cave dweller inadvertently became the inventor of the world’s very first “window shutter”. Or so the legend goes.

Since that moment, the window shutter has spread around the world, gaining popularity as a fantastically practical and stylish way to control the light, air, temperature, and mood in a home. Were you to walk the cobbled streets of any historic town you’d likely see a whole range of shutters displayed in the windows above. Not only would they all look different, but each of them would work differently too – a reflection of the period in which they were made.

This very brief history of window shutters will demonstrate how these simple and effective staples of modern interior design weren’t simply perfected over night. Window shutters have enjoyed a long and chequered past, and w see it as a testament to their brilliance that they’ve managed to stick around for so long. If you’re drawn to window shutters because of their traditional appeal, you owe it to yourself to understand where this appeal comes from.

Popularising the traditional window shutter

Oddly the first wooden shutters (as we now know them) came before glass windows. Popularised during the Tudor period, long before the popularity of glass windows, shutters were originally made of thick wooden boards and covered a large rectangular hole in the wall – essentially serving the same purpose that glass panes serve today. Not only did this block out light and ward off the chilly English winter, it also prevented thieves entering by locking together with a large iron bar. When glass finally came along it was still deemed an expensive luxury. Therefore, instead of fully fitting their windows, most people had a half-glass, half-shutter arrangement. This was the basis for the more contemporary café style shutters seen today.

Moving towards a decorative aspect

As time progressed, the shutter moved beyond strictly functional purposes. After the 16th century, it was not uncommon to find ornamental woodwork – such as mouldings and shutters – established as the main decorative pieces of smaller homes. During the Victorian period, the walls of houses were no longer required to be as thick due to the development of wood and red brick as building materials. With thinner walls came thinner recesses in which windows sat, therefore enabling shutters to be moved from an internal position to an external one.

Adopting shutters globally

As the Americas became colonised, window shutters became increasingly popular with the owners of larger homes and mansions. Viewed almost a status symbol among higher classes, these shutters boasted characteristic louvers which were much wider than their predecessors, and were typically painted white to reflect the hot sun near the equator.

Moving further into the new world, buildings found in the states that constitute “New England” (i.e. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine) widely began using shutters based on an English aesthetic. These evolved to reflect their surroundings, displaying narrower louvers than before. Visit a traditional café in Maine and it’s likely that you’ll see traditional wooden half shutters – a throwback to their early ancestors.

Embracing modernity

Nowadays, the range of window shutters has expanded enormously. They are now available in a range of modern forms and bespoke styles, with the ability to fit into virtually any space (regardless of the shape and size of a window. The reason they’ve never gone out of style is simple: installing shutters in your home effortlessly makes your windows look and feel fantastic. The original designers of Tudor homes knew this, the colonial leaders of the old world knew this, and modern homeowners know it too. It’s said that nobody can read the future, but one thing’s for sure – window shutters are here to stay for a while yet!

For more information and guidance regarding window shutters, please feel free to get in touch with the Diamond Shutters team and we’d be delighted to help.