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Covering Greater London as well as the South and East of England, Diamond Shutters are specialists in supplying and installing fantastic interior window shutters in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit your home.

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Out of all the places we spend our time, the bedroom is among the most private and yet time consuming area of our lives. Diamond Shutters can provide you with the perfect choice of interior window design for your bedroom.

Why choose shutters for the bedroom?

Diamond Shutters are the perfect choice for your bedroom. Our shutters will ensure noise and light pollution remains at an absolute minimum; with a solid layer between the street and your boudoir, so you can get a restful night’s sleep.

During the day, our shutters can fold back to reveal the full glory of your window - or if you’d prefer, our louvred covers will allow you to keep a sense of privacy whilst still allowing light into your home.

Available in any one of our full-height, tier-on-tier or café style, our bedroom shutters will be designed with your specific needs in mind. Browse through our gallery for specific examples of work we have carried out recently in homes across Greater London, the South and East.

Benefits of bedroom shutters


  • Adjustable light and privacy for the bedroom
  • Suitable for any style of décor and a beautiful solution among townhouses and country homes
  • Incredibly smooth operating mechanisms mean quiet and functional usage

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