Most frequently Asked Questions about Window Shutters

Shutters or shutter blinds are simple, traditional window coverings that are practical but look fabulous. Depending on the look you want to achieve, your shutters can blend seamlessly with a room’s decor or make a grand statement, becoming the focal point of any living space.

Shutters have been used traditionally for many years in the UK in all types of housing and cafes as they strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

A window shutter comprises a frame of a vertical framework and horizontal slats. Shutters can also be made from Victorian-inspired solid panels, glass, and other materials. Our shutters come in a range of attractive colours and different types of wood.

Shutters are the perfect window covering for those who want to control their privacy and how much light enters a room.

Shutters or shutter blinds are also sometimes referred to as plantation shutters.

In short, shutters are a fashionable, easy to maintain, and enduring window covering.

There are many benefits to fitting shutter blinds in place of curtains, Venetian, or roller blinds.

First, shutters are very versatile. They can be custom made to fit any size window, regardless of the shape or depth.

They suit all rooms, whether it’s bay bedroom windows, a small bathroom window, or patio doors.

They are perfect for rooms that face neighbouring properties, as you can open and close them for full or partial privacy at different times of the day.

You can partially close them to avert direct sunlight without shutting it out completely.

Some consumers are put off buying shutters because they think they are restricted to limited colours, but this is not so, as shutter blinds come in a wide array of colours and materials.

Shutters also help with insulation in the winter and keep draughts out.

Window shutters are straightforward to clean, and with minimal maintenance, will last for decades.

When windows are open, shutters don’t flap in the breeze like curtains or some types of window blinds, so they are incredibly convenient for warm days.

They are also ideal for humid rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, as condensation is easily wiped off.

Furthermore, they are very functional for smaller rooms as unlike curtains; they do not require any wall space around the window frame.

The shutter frame is attached to the window frame with hinges.  

To open or close them, you swing them away or towards the window. 

Depending on the window size, homeowners may prefer more than one shutter panel, and in this case, tracked shutters are ideal, which you open by folding them towards the window frame, much like a concertina.

The shutter panels have slats or louvres, which can be fully or partially opened or closed with a discreet rod incorporated into each shutter panel.

You have many style options when choosing shutters, including the most popular types, full height, tier on tier, and café style.

Full height shutters

Full height shutters are a favourite choice due to their versatility and stylish looks. As the name suggests, full height shutters cover the window’s full length allowing for complete privacy and light control.

Tier on tier shutters   

Tier on tier shutter blinds consist of two panels, vertically placed one on top of the other. As they have two separate parts, you can close one half while opening the other. This versatility makes them an excellent option for large windows or windows which are visible to passers-by. The panels can be opened as preferred, fully open or closed, one panel open while the other is closed, and louvres modified depending on the room’s occupants.

Café style shutters

Café style shutter blinds are a perfect option if you want privacy or sunlight control without shutting the windows from top to bottom. The top part of the window is left uncovered for light to enter the space. The bottom part is protected with slatted or solid shutters. Café style shutter blinds are perfect for ground floor homes or business premises for privacy from passers-by without shutting out natural light.

Solid panel shutter blinds

Another option, although slightly less popular, are solid panel shutters. This style consists of a solid panel without slats that covers the window like a door. They are not as versatile as slatted shutters but are ideal for keeping light out, improving security, and offer some insulation against unwanted street noise.

Usually from real wood, synthetic wood, or composite/engineered wood. They come in various grains, colours, and shades, so you can be sure there will be plenty of choices to match your existing decor.

Window shutters can be made custom made to fit just about any size window, even very wide or tall windows, as the shutter can be made from more than one panel if needed.  Many windows, especially those in older houses, can be imperfectly shaped. Where this is the case, the shutters are fitted using small side battens or frames to provide a correct fit.

This is possible, but it is a tricky process, and even if done well, it probably won’t fit perfectly. You will need to measure very carefully and have the correct carpentry tools to attempt resizing.

Plantation shutters off the shelf are “standard” sizes, but most homes do not have standard windows. Even windows in the same house that look the same may differ in size by a few fractions of an inch, and even this can impact the installation.

While made to measure blinds cost a little more, having them manufactured for a specific window or door and fitted by a professional is usually a cost-saving and much less stressful solution.

We do offer a supply option for our shutters. However, unless you are a trained carpenter with window shutter experience, we do not usually recommend you fit them yourself. Our fully qualified carpenters will ensure your shutters are fitted perfectly.

Shutter blinds can be used on windows or doors. Like with windows, with door shutters, you have the option of complete visibility, partial visibility, or fully closed.

Shutters are very energy efficient and help maintain a room at a steady temperature, keeping the cold out during the winter and the room cool in the summer.

Because the shutter is fixed to the window frame, cold air and draughts are less likely to get through than with curtains, which helps lower heating bills.

Window shutters are not as good at blocking out light as blackout blinds, but when completely closed are very efficient at keeping a room dark. If darkness is important to you, consider solid panel shutters instead of slats.

Shutter window blinds are so versatile; they are suitable for any room. They offer a minimalistic look and are perfect for smaller rooms as they make a room look bigger and brighter. Nor do they do not require wall space, so are also ideal for windows with small surrounding walls. 

They are a workable choice for kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, ground floor rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, and much more, as they are available in many designs and styles.

Shutter window blinds suit all styles of UK properties from different architectural eras. Whether your home is Victorian or a modern new build, shutters can be designed that match the building’s ambiance perfectly.

Georgian properties typically have large sash windows in downstairs rooms and small windows upstairs. In Georgian times solid shutters were popular as a way to maintain temperatures in winter and summer. Nowadays, slat shutters are ideal for Georgian properties as they match Georgian house’s original style with additional options for light and privacy.

Edwardian houses are similar to Victorian properties, and both these building styles look marvellous with narrow panelled shutters.

Modern homes typically have large windows, and shutter blinds are versatile enough to suit these types of windows and the contemporary look of the homes.

Shutters are ideal for small children’s rooms as there are no cords that could cause injuries. They are also suitable if you have pets, as you can close them or a section of the blinds if there is something outside to make them excited or bark.

Shutter blinds are amazingly long-lasting. Their simplistic design doesn’t go out of fashion, and they will last for many years.

Our shutters are designed to be almost maintenance-free. Simply dust them regularly and, if necessary, wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge.

Ordering FAQS

To get the most accurate measurement, you should record the distance from reveal to reveal – first from left to right for the width, and then top to bottom for the length. We always visit your home to obtain our own measurements before crafting and fitting your new shutters for accuracy.

One of our experienced surveyors will visit your home, measure your windows, and show you a range of shutter samples, offering any advice if needed. We can then give you accurate costs for the different available options. This process will generally only take 20 to 30 minutes. We offer these appointments at times that suit you, which conveniently include evenings and weekends. Diamond Shutters do not employ salespeople, we are a company driven by our passion for providing a positive experience to the customer. We prefer to let our products and our service do the selling for us.

We have a vast range of colours and stains from which to choose. For our full selection of what is available for each product, please see our colour options.

We generally use the size of your window to guide us as to which louvre size to recommend. Large louvres work well on larger windows, as the increased gap between slats will allow more light to enter the room. Smaller louvres, however, will allow more privacy even when partially open, as the slats are much closer together. You will be able to view the different louvre sizes during your home visit; however, the most popular sizes are 47mm, 63mm, 89mm, and 114 mm.

Firstly, you should organise your free window evaluation to discuss your available options. Then call us stating your name and quotation number, after which we will confirm the style, colour, and price to ensure everything is correct. We then take a 50% deposit, which you can pay by debit or credit card, or cheque. The rest of the payment is due on the day of installation.

Shutters will generally take between 7-9 weeks to arrive, from order date to delivery date. We update you during that time to let you know how the process is coming along, communicate the estimated week of arrival, and arrange a suitable fitting date.

The price for new shutters will depend entirely on the window’s size and the chosen product. With so much variation between materials and design, it is impossible to estimate the cost of a product without first determining the measurements for your windows’ height and width. Call us now for an estimate.