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Our Recent Installations
From Diamond Shutters

Installation Kent September 2023

pic 112 (1)

Installation Sidcup Knoll Road September 2023

View of Window Shutters from outside house
View of Window Shutters installation
Window Shutter Installation in Kent
Window Shutter Installation in Sidcup

Installation Sidcup Kent September 2021

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Bay Window Shutters

Installation Crayford August 2021

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pic 24
pic 23
pic 22

Black Shutters

Installation Sidcup July 2021

church road 2 2
church road 3 scaled
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church road 4 scaled

Bespoke Shutters

Installation New Cross London June 2021

pic 8new
pic 9

Installation Sidcup April 2021

Installation Video

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DSC00359 scaled

Bay Windows

Installation Bexley March 2021

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DSC00331 scaled
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DSC00333 scaled

Varied Styles

Installation Broadstairs March 2021

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DSC00291 scaled
DSC00292 scaled
DSC00294 scaled
DSC00293 scaled

Modern Shutters

Installation Sidcup March 2021

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DSC00261new scaled
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DSC00274new scaled

Tilt-Rod Shutters

Installation Bexleyheath March 2021


Lovely Bay Windows

Installation Chislehurst March 2021

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DSC00237 scaled
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DSC00229 1 scaled
DSC00233 1 scaled

Beautiful Plantation Window

Installation Sidcup Kent February 2021

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Full Height Plantation Shutters