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A Detailed Guide To The Different Styles Of Shutters

When it comes to window shutters, it isn’t simply a case of deciding whether or not to have them but rather which window shutters should you have installed in your home. In order to make the best decision, it’s worth understanding the different types available along with their functions and of course, their benefits. Let’s take a look…

What Are The Different Types Of Window Shutter?

There are a number of different window shutters on offer here at Diamond Shutters, from Tier-on-Tier to Tracked and even Cafe Style. We have numerous categories available to you however, today we’re going to look at the most popular window shutters available. These incorporate Full Height window shutters, Tier-on-Tier, Cafe Style, Solid and Tracked.

Full Height Window Shutters

Full height shutters are a great option for pretty much any window space. Full height window shutters, as their name suggests, covers the entire length of the window. Because of their size, they offer the maximum amount of privacy, insulation and light control too. Depending on whether you choose to open or close your blinds, you can enjoy the maximum amount of light or an almost blackout effect.

Tier-On-Tier Window Shutters

Tier-on-Tier window shutters are made up from two different shutter panels, one on top of the other. The beauty of this style window shutter is that you can move the bottom louvres independently from the top louvres. This gives you all the privacy and light control of full height shutters with a little more flexibility as you can leave the bottom half closed for privacy while you open the top half to let in more light.

Cafe Style Window Shutters

Cafe style shutters are a unique style of shutter in that they only cover the bottom half of the window. These are usually great for those who’s windows sit directly on a footpath or pavement and require the continual privacy. They leave the top half of the window uncovered which means maximum light for the room too.

Solid Window Shutters

Solid shutters are exactly as they sound, completely solid panels of wood. They boast no louvres or slats. They are excellent for those wanting an almost blackout effect as well as added insulation. Do bear in mind however, once they’re closed, they will not let in the light and when they’re open, you have little to no privacy.

Tracked Window Shutters

Tracked shutters are shutters that sit upon a track system. They can be filed back concertina style and are ideal for larger window spaces and bifold doors. These can hold solid panels or louvres, so there is complete flexibility here.

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