Ideas & Inspiration 26.01.18

Applying shutters in a contemporary home

Window shutters as we know them today come imbued with a sense of traditional elegance. Dressing windows from the continental cafés of France to the Georgian homes of England, interior shutters enjoy a long heritage of popularity in designs stretching back decades. However, this does not mean that shutters are incompatible with more contemporary interiors. Quite the contrary. Over the years, they have evolved in line with modern design sensibilities. They are often adapted to suit minimalist or urban interiors while keeping their traditional charm. But how should you go about applying shutters in a contemporary home?

There are a number of factors to consider when designing a modern home with shutters, whether it’s the colour, the shape, the size, or the type of shutter that suits your home best. Whatever your individual requirements, there are a number of ways in which shutters can be applied to the contemporary home. As experts in window shutters, it is our job to explain how. So let’s take a look at some tips for incorporating window shutters with a modern twist.

Contemporary shutter design

Owing to modern manufacturing and carpentry, window shutters are now designed to suit contemporary homes as well as more traditional ones. They are favoured by many new builds and urban interiors for their clean and sleek appearance with a range of colours and finishes. That perfect balance of versatility and elegance is undoubtedly appealing by modern standards, despite the traditional heritage behind window shutters.

The traditional Victorian look of solid shutters and the European charm of café style shutters continue to work well as period pieces, but they still complement more contemporary interiors. Indeed, window shutters are no longer restricted to the hardwood designs of centuries old. Materials such as MDF and ABS make your shutters feel at home amidst the luscious sheen enjoyed by interiors today.

The minimalist aesthetic

Minimalist homes are all the range in the 21st century, hence more people are embracing window shutters for their clean lines and simple elegance. Shutters fit right in with these minimalist interior designs. Full height shutters can give your windows an appearance of balance and uniformity, especially when used without a midrail that divides the panel in two.

There are many more ways in which window shutters can take on this type of simplicity. Shutters with wider louvers (and therefore fewer louvers) benefit from having fewer lines and less of a ‘busy’ appearance, and shutters with hidden tilt rods give the dressing a more streamlined look by eliminating any vertical lines that cut across the louvers. Among others, these minimalist features present a great reason for applying shutters in a contemporary home.

What about the windows?

As our homes continue to enjoy neat bespoke designs with features that are made to measure, window shutters become a more popular choice with designers for their amazing versatility. Whatever the shape and size of your window, shutters can provide a perfect fit with that tailored appearance so commonly seen across contemporary homes. And we’re not just talking about shutters fitted for different kinds of rectangular windows… With circular, triangular, arched, and even hexagonal shutters available on the market, our special shaped shutters come in designs that can satisfy even the most obscure types of windows. Just make sure that the louvers of your shutters line up with the existing contours of your window frame and any patterns on the glass for that truly bespoke feel.

Practical benefits for contemporary homes

Designing and living in a contemporary home involves catering to the needs and requirements of modern times, such as our desire for eco-friendly features and technological efficiency. Luckily, window shutters boast a large list of practical benefits for the modern home as well as the aesthetic benefits listed above. First off, shutters have proven to be very energy efficient.

Their thick and thermal build helps prevent heat from escaping through windows, eliminating the need for artificial heating. Plus, with heaps of natural light streaming through your shutters you will find yourself relying less on artificial lighting during those darker months. As a result, homeowners who are conscious about their energy consumption in times where eco-friendly decisions are more pressing than ever, will not regret investing in some window shutters for their contemporary home. If you want to read more on the eco-friendly benefits of window shutters, consult out previous blog post on the subject.

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