Shutter Guides 16.11.17

The benefits of installing shutters in your bathroom

Despite being seen as a purely functional space, the bathroom should never be neglected when it comes to interior design. After all, it isn’t just there to be used, it’s also there to be enjoyed. In all cases, considerations about the look and feel of your space should factor into the practical decisions you make. If you make the right design choices, you’ll soon be looking forward to getting up in the morning (yes, it is possible) and enjoying a refreshing shower in your spa-like bathroom!

Perhaps we’re biased, but we think that interior window shutters are an amazing addition to any bathroom, both functionally and aesthetically. For a fairly quick and easy change, they make a huge difference to how your bathroom works, how it feels, and the impression it makes. In this post we’re going to focus on the many reasons why shutters are perfectly suited to the bathroom.


Of course, privacy is a top priority for many people when designing a new bathroom, and it’s best if there’s no room left for doubt on this front. One of the huge benefits of tracked window shutters is that, unlike curtains and blinds, they can promise full coverage and complete privacy. As they’re fitted to the frame of your window and not just a single headrail, there’s simply no chance of anybody being able to see inside your bathroom. Naturally, this contributes to a more relaxed and comfortable vibe during your most intimate moments – but the advantages don’t end there!

Light control

With other window coverings, privacy is attained only to the detriment of sufficient natural light. For example, curtains have to be completely closed to ensure privacy, which isn’t ideal during the day when you shouldn’t have to rely on artificial light. But cafe window shutters can guarantee both privacy and natural light at the same time. With easily adjustable louvers of varying different sizes, you can control the amount of light in your bathroom to a tee.

No longer do you have to worry about exposing too much to ensure the perfect amount of light: opening your shutters just a little bit will give the room a nice glow, perfect for bathing at dusk. Shutters also allow for some beautiful light patterns: there’s nothing more lovely than a bathroom striped with slatted sunlight and flooded with rippling reflections of bathwater. It all makes for an overall feeling of elegance and bliss.

Withstand damp environments

Considering how hot and steamy your bathroom gets during those long evening baths, it’s best to deck out your bathroom with materials that can properly withstand moisture. This not only ensures the durability of your bathroom, but also makes it easier to clean and maintain on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to covering the windows in a bathroom, however, curtains will inevitably develop mould and mildew, while blinds are capable of warping in the humidity.

As such, most forego external coverings altogether and instead opt for glass blocks or frosty windows. Though these are practical options, they certainly aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing way to withstand damp environments. With shutters, on the other hand, you can always find a middle ground between functionality and aesthetics.

For instance, solid shutters offer a tough and attractive solution to humidity as they resist moisture and repel dampness, while all shutters made from high-quality PVC are guaranteed not to crack, warp or develop mildew over time.


triangular, made to measure shutters provide a stylish covering with a perfect fit. They are also available in a number of different colours and finishes, from dark wooden tones to bright and fresh pastels.

Whatever the overall theme or style of your bathroom, shutters can act as a complementary addition. For example, nautical themed bathroom often feature port hole windows, but curtains and blinds cannot adapt to their shape – a circular shutter with a beach blue finish would work perfectly in this case.

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