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The benefits of interior shutters for kitchen windows

Kitchen windows are typically quite difficult to dress. Most people opt for blinds or forego a window dressing altogether, and curtains are never a good choice in a room filled with various fluids and smells from cooking. Where should you go from here? Perhaps we’re biased, but we think that interior window shutters are the best solution for kitchen windows. They are well suited to the needs and requirements of any kitchen, as well as versatile in their appearance. So in this post, we will take you through the many benefits of using interior shutters for kitchen windows.

Light control

Ambience is an important factor in the kitchen, and shutters can introduce a natural glow into the room without the need for artificial lighting or concentrated task lighting. You can achieve a variety of different light configurations in your kitchen by adjusting your shutters depending on the time of day. Grace the room with delicate shimmers of light in the early morning, flood your room with light during the day, and block out light entirely at night.

No other window dressing allows such thorough levels of control: curtains and blinds must either be opened or closed, and even venetian blinds allow a significant amount of light through when closed. But interior shutters can always guarantee strict control over natural light while still ensuring privacy.

Timeless appearance

A beautiful kitchen is more pleasant to use on a daily basis, more impressive to guests when they come for dinner parties, and more attractive to potential homebuyers should you wish to sell your home in the future. Interior shutters offer a huge variety of patterns and colours to suit all designs, from traditional country kitchens to contemporary urban kitchens. Indeed, special shaped shutters are able to accommodate windows of any shape and size, from triangular windows to circular windows.

Shutters act as a statement piece in the kitchen, especially considering how most kitchen windows are either unaddressed or inadequately served by blinds. Furthermore, you can channel the atmosphere of traditional European restaurants and cafés by installing some café style shutters, giving your kitchen a timeless continental feel.


When there is a lot of cooking taking place, the kitchen can get excessively hot very quickly. This often makes it necessary to open up a window and let in some cool air. Furthermore, air filtration is important when the room is filled with various smells from cooking and cleaning.

Curtains and blinds make it difficult to ventilate your kitchen without compromising your privacy, as they must be opened entirely for air to filter through the window. However, shutters allow you to filter out these odours with ease while maintaining your privacy: you simply need to open the window and tilt the louvers until your kitchen smells fresh and pleasant.

Water resistance

A lot of moisture is present in the kitchen due to steam from the kettle, the hob, and the oven. This restricts the materials that should be used for window dressings. Fabric curtains will develop mould and mildew as they retain moisture, while certain types of blinds can sustain damage and warping when exposed to damp environments.

Eliminate the risk of warping and shrinking entirely by installing MDF shutters to your kitchen windows. This material has a plastic coating that is fully waterproof – you can even place them directly above the sink without any problems. Similarly, high-quality PVC shutters do not retain moisture and can withstand humid environments very well. Even wooden shutters are thick and durable, meaning that they resist moisture and repel dampness better than other wooden window dressings. Ask your suppliers or designers about their waterproof shutter options for the best deal.

Easy cleaning

The kitchen is known for being a somewhat messy space. Cooking can produce moisture, smoke, grease, as well as various clingy scents. As such, your kitchen should be decked out with furnishings and fittings that are easy to clean, as well as resistant to dirt and grime.

Curtains are typically not used in the kitchen as they can develop mould and stains when exposed to these various nasties, which means regularly taking them down for cleaning. Blinds are notoriously awkward to clean as they are quite flimsy, and they also need to be removed from the frame for a thorough clean. On the other hand, window shutters simply require a quick once over with a dusting cloth and perhaps a spritz of water. You don’t even have to take them down to get the job done properly, leaving you more time to enjoy your kitchen in all its glory!

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