Shutters 23.09.19

Can Window Shutters Be Waterproof?

One of the most common questions we’re asked when it comes to window shutters is whether or not they’re waterproof. Whether our clients are having window shutters installed in just one room or throughout their entire property, the bathroom is always a room where most stumble and question their suitability. Window shutters however, happen to be a great choice for many bathrooms.

Not only do they look amazing but they can also provide the ideal hard wearing, practical option that most are looking for. They’re great at what they do, easy to keep clean and depending on the layout and design of your bathroom, are available in a range of materials for you to choose from.

Window Shutters Could Be The Perfect Bathroom Choice

It’s certainly not easy when it comes to choosing a window dressing for a bathroom. Curtains will usually overhang and find themselves becoming damp during steamy showers while traditional wooden blinds can often struggle to withstand the humidity they’re faced with. The same can be said for Venetian blinds too, leading many to wonder just what to put into their bathrooms.

That’s exactly where our window shutters come in. Surprisingly, interior window shutters can often be the perfect solution as not only do they not get in the way of your shower or sink but they can also be wiped clean with ease. That’s before we mention that they’re built to last, providing you with the ultimate long term solution.

Hardwood shutters, when finished in a suitable treatment, can cope with a lot in terms of humidity. If your window shutters will be subjected to a daily shower however, perhaps they’re next to the shower head, then we advise against wood and suggest you look at uPVC window shutters which are designed to provide 100% waterproof protection.

That means whether you intend on a long hot shower or a long hot soak, the steam you create won’t ever cause damage, warp or shrink your shutters.

Window Shutters In The Bathroom Are A Must

Interior window shutters are the perfect choice for practically every room in the house. Here at Diamond Windows, we cater to every client and their individual needs.

From the exact measurements of each and every window to the materials the window shutters are made from and of course, their finished treatments – we consider it our job to ensure you’re not just happy with the finished product but are happy for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for the most waterproof window shutters for your bathrooms and wet-rooms or are simply looking for the most high quality bespoke made window shutters for your entire home, contact us today on 020 83022447. We promise to give you the best advice where and when needed to ensure you purchase the best product for its intended use. With Diamond Windows, you can’t go wrong.