Ideas & Inspiration 06.09.19

Create A Vintage Vibe With Window Shutters

When it comes to interior design, vintage style shutters are for those who appreciate the simplicity of old, the elegance of days gone by.

The charm of old fashioned furniture however, has moved from a statement chair and smaller knick knacks to some seriously clever design that includes everything from strategic lighting to good old interior window shutters.

True vintage style today should be beautiful and stylish without feeling cluttered or overloaded and that’s exactly what our window shutters offer.

Enjoy True Vintage Style With Full Length Shutters

Here at Diamond Window Shutters, we understand that interior design is there to cater to all tastes and desires. Whether you’re looking for contemporary or vintage.

Just as other interior fancies develop, so too do our favourites and vintage has indeed come a long way.

Ever growing and of course, ever expanding, there’s no doubt it’s as special as it is stylish and one such way to help your vintage journey along is to indulge in something that’s not only elegant and beautiful to look at, but completely functional too.

Perfect For Creating A Vintage Feel

Window shutters have long been a fantastic asset when it comes to achieving a truly vintage feel.

From our Tracked window shutters to our Full Height window shutters and more, each of these fabulous styles all lend their hand to offering the elegance and class that vintage design has become known for.

Made in the finest woods and treated to a coating of pastel shades will ensure your home achieves the ultimate chic, vintage feel.

Victorian Window Shutters To Wow

Our Solid shutters are full length Victorian inspired window shutters and they’re the perfect finishing touch in any vintage inspired room. Pastel shades and exposed woods aren’t the only additions in a vintage room however.

Here are just a few tips to help you create a true vintage vibe – with the help of our window shutters of course.

· Upcycle Furniture – no vintage scene is complete without some recycled furniture. Whether it’s a side board from a bric-a-brac shop or a chest of drawers from eBay; creating a retro look is as easy as one, two, three with some sand paper and the right coloured paint.

· Throw In Some Vintage Accessories – when it comes to accessories, think small ornamental birdcages, some grandfather clocks and even stacked suitcases as storage or better still piled high on a full height wardrobe.

· Focus On Colours – the beauty of vintage colour schemes is their ability to offer you a trip down memory lane, evoked the feeling nostalgia and sentiment. Think creams and pastels and don’t be afraid to enjoy a polka dot or two.

· Make Use Of Prints – a patterned wall is the perfect way to inject some energy and personality into a room and they’re synonymous with vintage style. Take a look at contrasting colours and patterns and let your senses take over.

Contact Us Today To Help You On Your Vintage Journey

Here at Diamond Window Shutters, we have the perfect range of window shutters, from tracked window shutters to solid window shutters; all of which could help you create the ultimate vintage feel. For more information, simply contact 020 83022447.