Ideas & Inspiration 17.05.18

Decorating ideas for rooms with window shutters

Most of our customers love their window shutters for their clean look, smooth textures and neutral colours, not to mention a whole host of practical benefits. But they are not just amazing in their own right – they also help make the surrounding room look better and improve the overall aesthetic of your space. Their appearance tends to go well with most interior styles, regardless of colour and decor. But there are lots of homeowners who go the extra mile, complementing their shutters with splashes of colour and material in the space around them. This allows them to build up a more defined aesthetic while maintaining the practical benefits offered by window shutters – such as light control, insulation, privacy and ventilation.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the options available to you when decorating a room that already features some beautiful window shutters. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination, but hopefully we can help give you some inspiration. Why not give your shutters the company they deserve by making some of the following design choices?


One thing you should know about window shutters is that they are not outright incompatible with curtains and drapery. These window dressings bring elements of texture and colour to a room, adding interest and depth while accommodating a range of styles, so it would be a shame to deny your room of their presence simply because it already has window shutters installed. Indeed, both shutters and curtains can make great friends if they are paired together properly.

Since window shutters guarantee complete privacy when closed, any drapery you incorporate does not need to have a practical purpose (although they may help insulate your room further). As such, you could simply place curtains on either side of your shutter panels – you don’t even have to open them, just revel in their elegant appearance – day and night. It’s that perfect combination of function and style. Whether you opt for thick velvety curtains with palatial appeal, or delicate sheer curtains for a lighter touch, drapery is a great way to give your room extra style points without competing with the beauty of your shutters.


The truth is, curtains can make for an expensive addition to the home, both in terms of upfront and maintenance costs. However, you may still be yearning for a touch of flowing fabrics to offset the clean lines of their window shutters. Resting just at the top of your window frame (and thus costing less), pelmets – also known as valances – are the perfect middle ground.

Available in a large selection of styles and textures, pelmets give you lots of opportunities to experiment with the space above your shutter – you could add decorative edgings, colour bands, trims and tassels, each giving your shutters a different quality. Interiors of all kinds – whether continental, traditional, or rustic – can be perfectly served by a pelmet. They can also be a functional addition to your home. When opening the upper panel of some tier on tier shutters to let in some air on a hot day, a pelmet could help maintain privacy and light control without blocking airflow. Just make sure that you do not install a pelmet over a part of your shutters that already serves a practical purpose; you don’t want to end up restricting the amount of light or ventilation in your home.


Consistency is the key to any coherent interior (unless you prefer the more ‘mishmash’ approach to design), and this applies to your window shutters too. There are many things you can do to ensure that you’re shutters are not just a feature within your space, but an integral part of your space. This involves drawing upon elements of your shutters in the design choices you make for the room as a whole.

If you have sleek shutters in a light shade of teak, for instance,  you might want to mirror its colours and textures through certain other elements in your space – perhaps your flooring, your coffee table, or something more subtle like a picture frame. This helps tie your space together and highlights the room as a whole, as opposed to just disparate statement pieces. Your shutters will end up making more sense and fitting in better if they are welcomed into their surroundings by similar materials and colours.

If you’re sold on the idea of introducing some gorgeous new shutters into your home, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at Diamond Shutters.