Ideas & Inspiration 30.05.18

Dressing bay windows with shutters

Here at Diamond Shutters, we cannot deny the appeal of bay windows. Their expansive frames and beautifully angled silhouettes grant them an ornate appearance from both inside and out, and they never fail to introduce elements of Victorian charm into the home. Such features perhaps explain why the bay window so often constitutes the centrepiece of a room, with many choosing to accentuate their shape and grandeur by placing a decorative rug or an eye-catching ottoman on the bay floor.

But the benefits of bay windows are more than aesthetic – they also free up space in your room, bring in bucketfuls of natural light, and allow expansive views of your street or garden. Overall, given their stately elegance and functional benefits, bay windows often prove to be a major selling point in terraced houses and modern flats alike.


Many homeowners experience a kind of ‘love-hate’ relationship with their bay windows. While they do enjoy a number of great features, these same features can present certain problems in your space. The size of the windows can lead to a greater loss of heat and increased draughts, and the light can be overpowering when the sun is in a certain position. Furthermore, while you may have better views of the outdoors, people out on the street will also have a better view of your interior, which may compromise your privacy to some extent.

As we’ve established, bay windows benefit from a range of interesting and attractive design features – but preventing the above problems often requires smothering them in drapery or obscuring their unique form with large blinds. Is there an alternative window dressing which can complement the design of some bay windows while maintaining a certain degree of practicality? Enter: window shutters.

Benefits of shutters for bay windows

With our window shutters, you are able to complement your bay windows perfectly as each shutter panel is bespoke and made-to-measure. Whatever the shape and size your bay window, Diamond Shutters can craft custom shutters to fit snugly within each frame, enhancing their unique shape at the same time. Curtains or blinds will not only reduce the visual impact of your bay windows, but they will also take up more space on within your bay – for instance, curtains will cover the entire bey from ceiling to floor).

With window shutters, however, there is no excess material outside of the bay windows themselves – indeed, when your shutters are wide open, its almost like there is nothing covering your windows at all. In addition, window shutters offer greater control over light thanks to their adjustable louvers, allowing you to dampen to overpowering light that bay windows may sometimes cause in your space. Tilting the louvers also offer increased privacy, insulation, and security – it’s a no brainer, when you think about it!

How to style bay windows with shutters

If you’re sold on the idea of introducing you bay windows to a brand new set of window shutters, it might be worth thinking about how exactly you will style the windows. Which style of shutter will you choose? And how can you use them to enhance the overall appearance of your bay windows? Read our design suggestions below for some ideas…

  • Most people choose to install a single window shutter on each of their bay windows (usually three separate panels for three window frames). This makes the bay window look more cohesive and offers you more control over light and ventilation. If you did want to leave some of your bay window exposed, rather than omitting one window altogether, opt for café style shutters – these leave the top of your window shutter-free!
  • You will need to decide the best louver size to suit your bay windows. Larger louvers will allow more light to enter your space and give your space a more minimalist feel (although some claim that it lessens their privacy). Smaller louvers offer more privacy but often less light – which could be a good thing for street-level bay windows that usually suffer from too much sunlight. Read our guide on choosing the right louvers for more.
  • More a more traditional look, choose solid shutters for your bay windows – these were the most common dressing for bay windows in the Victorian era – mainly to give the windows increased security! Nowadays, they have the added benefit of keeping out drafts and improving insulation, thus eliminating some common qualms that people have about their bay windows. If you want more versatility, however, choose tier-on-tier shutters: these allow you to operate the top and bottom halves of your shutters independently, which in turn lets you attain the perfect mix of light and privacy.


Fancy introducing some gorgeous new shutters into your home? Feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at Diamond Shutters to make your interior dreams come true!