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Georgian Window Shutters – A Brief History

Georgian window shutters are most commonly associated with Georgian style houses. Internal shutters would fold back in to form a ‘window reveal’.

These were most commonly used throughout the 18th century through until the 1840’s. In the 18th century, the fielded panel with plain recessed panels were quite common however, in the early 19th century, these were changed up for flush panels.

If you’re lucky enough to possess original Georgian window shutters, then you can usually tell their date of origin by looking at the hinges.

Decorative hinges in either ‘H’ style or ‘Butterfly’ style would hint toward the late 17th century and early 18th century. Plain ‘H’ or rectangular hinges however, would hint toward a later origin.

While some shutters were split horizontally, allowing the bottom half of the shutter to be closed for privacy, others were split vertically – as we know today.

Regardless of how they were split, decorative holes were sometimes pierced into the shutters, in the shape of hearts, ovals or even circles to still allow a little light into the room even when the Georgian shutters were fully closed. This trend however, petered out, leaving plain leaves to reign supreme.

The Benefits Of Georgian Window Shutters

There are numerous benefits to Georgian or solid panel window shutters. Some obvious, some not so. To give you a better idea, we’ve listed them below:

Privacy – stop prying eyes and nosey neighbours from peering in through you windows with solid window shutters. When they’re closed, nothing can be seen through your windows at all.

Heat Insulation – most of the heat from our homes is lost through the roof and through our windows. By adding solid or Georgian style window shutters to your windows, you’re adding a much needed layer to your windows to prevent further heat loss. This could lead to you saving a lot of money on your bills in the long run.

Black-Out – like to have your room as dark as possible when sleeping? Then Georgian or solid window shutters are the best possible option. When they’re closed, you can trust that not an ounce of light will venture through your windows. The wooden shutter panels used in these shutters are much thicker than blinds or curtains and will give you the black-out effect better than anything else.

Keep Noise Out – when it comes to keeping noise out, curtains and blinds are pretty much pointless. Solid shutters on the other hand give you that much needed extra barrier between your window and room, helping to keep unwanted noises out as much as possible.

Increased Security – just as window shutters provide added privacy, preventing those prying eyes, they also help add another layer of security, making your windows almost impenetrable. They also act as a great deterrent for burglars too.

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