Shutters 10.02.20

Help Your Children Sleep With Window Shutters

What’s one of the first things you do after tucking your child into bed? Would we be right in saying you switch on their night light? It’s not uncommon. In fact, a huge amount of parents all around the world put a night light on in their child’s room. 

Would you be surprised however if we told you that the night light you switch on in order to make your child feel more comfortable could actually be inhibiting their sleep and contributing to tiredness the next day?

The True Effects Of Night Lights

Whether you use a night light, a light show or a simple glow from your baby monitor, they could all have devastating effects on the sleep your child enjoys. It’s all down to the wavelengths of the light they find themselves staring at. 

White and blue based lights, no matter how dim will stop what’s known as the secretion of sleep hormone melatonin at night. We need this melatonin to tell the body it’s time to sleep. Without it, the brain simply will not switch off and it all works thanks to mother nature herself.

Melatonin is released into the brain thanks to light sensitivity in the eyes. Much like our eyes registering daylight, triggering the brain to release cortisol, making us more alert. It does the same at night time, registering the absence of light which sends another message to our brain, telling it to secret melatonin to help us sleep. 

With artificial lighting however, especially when we’re trying to go to sleep, these natural responses our bodies should be making can become interrupted.

Visible tilt rod vs hidden tilt rod

How Window Shutters Can Help

Melatonin isn’t just needed to help your child sleep, it’s also needed to help them sleep for longer, throughout the night too. While we understand that simply taking away that all important night light isn’t always possible, ensuring as much darkness within the room itself however, is. That’s where windows shutters come in.

Here at Diamond Shutters, we know only too well that window shutters can be incredibly beneficial in helping to keep rooms dark and minimising the light that can interrupt sleeping. Here are just two of the ways that your bespoke interior shutters could benefit your child:

  • Perfect Fit – as they’re made-to-measure, you’ll find them the best possible fit. This means that not only will they function well when opening and closing but they’ll provide a perfect seal around the window frame too. This means minimal light going in around the shutters.
  • Flexibility – with slats that can be opened and closed (depending on the style of window shutter you go for) you can enjoy maximum light during the day and almost complete black out during the night.
  • Thickness Of Window Shutters – unlike blinds and curtains which can often let a ‘glow’ of light in, window shutters are thicker and usually made from a material that prevents any light from penetrating through allowing for complete darkness.

Whether you’d like to remove your child’s night light entirely or simply help keep their room as dark as possible alongside their favourite baby monitor glow, contact us today for more information on 020 83022447.