Shutter Guides 06.04.18

How much do window shutters cost?

Shutters are an appealing design feature to many homeowners looking to refresh their windows, bringing a sense of elegance to any space. Made to measure window shutters come in a range of different shapes and sizes, a wide spectrum of colours, and in a selection of continental and colonial styles. However, some prospective buyers are hesitant to put down money on window shutters because they are under the impression they will break the bank. Which begs the question: how much do window shutters cost? Does a new set of shutters really come with that hefty a price tag?

What determines the cost?

Like any kind of interior design project or refurbishment, the price of window shutters depends on a number of different factors. That is to say, different suppliers will charge different prices, shutters of different sizes and styles come with different price tags (MDF is cheaper than wood, for instance), and the time and effort required to manually install your shutters also affects cost. As such, customers must contact individual companies with their requirements and preferences in order to get quotes for the total cost of both the product and its installation.

Exactly how much window shutters will cost, therefore, is difficult to say without generalising. For reference, just know that the cost of buying and installing a single MDF shutter on a simple double hung window will be very different to the costs involved in fitting a series of premium wooden shutters to a large bay window. At Diamond Shutters, we always guide our customers from their initial requests, through the process of choosing and measuring their window shutters, to installing them perfectly in their homes. Sure, it might appear to be quite a lot of work at first. But given the bespoke quality of the final product and the personalised process leading up to it, most customers end up having no regrets – and that’s in terms of both designs and costs!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a ballpark figure (although you’re better off just asking for a quote!), expect to be paying somewhere in the region of £250 – £350 per square metre of shutter (including VAT and fitting costs).

0% finance

Here at Diamond Shutters, we have some good news for those looking to buy some beautiful window shutters on a budget – or perhaps those who love a good bargain when they see one! As well as having over 25 years of experience in the business, a wide range of shutters on offer, and a great team of reliable experts who take pride in their work, we also offer 0% finance on all of the window shutters we sell. This allows you to pay for your shutters in 6 or 12 month installments without spending a penny on interest. By completing registering your purchase on the Duologi  portal through our website and paying a 25% deposit, you can spread out the cost of your brand new shutters and easily apply for our 0% finance deal. It’s the best way to get your dream shutters measured and fitted with no fuss and amazing service to boot.

If you have any questions about our financing, or if you’re sold on the idea of introducing some gorgeous new shutters into your home, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.