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Interior Shutters For Large Windows

One of the biggest fallacies that surrounds interior window shutters is that they’re only for smaller window spaces. The truth is, interior window shutters can be made for any size window or door frame. In actual fact, we design and install window shutters for large windows on a regular basis. 

The Benefits Of Tracked Window Shutters For Large Windows

When it comes to large windows, we tend to suggest tracked shutters. With tracked shutters, you enjoy complete control over the shutters and your window space. In fact, there are a number of benefits to enjoy.

Enjoy Maximum Privacy And Light Control 

You can play with moveable slats to ensure you enjoy the level of privacy and light you’re looking for at any one time and what’s more, you can also enjoy a completely open window space with bi-fold tracked shutters should you want to. From fully open to fully closed, our tracked shutters give you the versatility to suit your mood on the day.

Reduce Energy Bills

With tracked shutters, you get shutters that cover your entire window space. This has been known to help insulate your home further, giving rise to less use of internal heating systems. You’ll also enjoy more light through the open slats while still enjoying that much needed privacy. Instead of closing the curtains and having to switch on the lights, you can simply open the slats to let in the light. Once again, resulting in reduced energy bills.

Noise Reduction

With an added layer on such a large window opening, you can enjoy a reduction in external noise, whether that’s from traffic or simply noisy neighbours.

Choose Window Shutters To Suit You

Once again, when it comes to window shutters for large windows, people falsely believe they’re limited in what style and design they can have. Yet another myth we’re happy to bust. Here at Diamond Shutters we have some incredible designers, all of whom are happy to create window shutters that won’t just function as you want them to, but look as beautiful as you’d imagine.

From solid woods to vinyl, in a variety of colours and finishes, we can provide you with your dream window shutters for any size window. We can help you create a window shutter feature using some beautifully bold finishes. We can also help them blend in with the rest of your decor and walls, to match the rest of the aesthetics in your home.

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While tracked shutters aren’t the only option for large window openings, they are most certainly our favourite as they offer both functionality and style for such large openings. Based on a top and bottom track, tracked window shutters are easy to manoeuvre and use to your liking too, whether you choose bi-fold or by-pass tracked shutters.

If you’d like more information on finding the best interior window shutters for large windows in your home, simply contact Diamond Shutters today on 020 83022447.