Ideas & Inspiration 02.02.18

How to make glass windows private with window shutters

With a whole host of practical benefits, windows make up an essential feature of any home. They let a lot of things in: natural light, fresh air, and a picture of the world outside your house. Unfortunately they can also invite prying eyes from nosy neighbours and passing busybodies, not least when the windows are situated at street-level. Bare windows can leave you exposed, especially at night when interior lights make it easier to see inside. What is the solution? Preserving your privacy means choosing the most appropriate window treatment for your needs. But many of our customers do not know how to make glass windows private while maintaining control over the light and ventilation within their space.

We think shutters are the best solution to this dilemma. They not only give your interior style points, but they also grant privacy while simultaneously allowing light and air through your windows. Here at Diamond Shutters, we love to wax lyrical about the benefits of interior window shutters, although one of our favourite benefits is their diversity. Not only can you guarantee total privacy, but you can do so in several different ways while embracing a number of different styles.

Here are of our favourite ideas for how to make glass windows private with window shutters.

Tier on tier shutters

Boasting two sets of shutters in a single frame, tier on tier shutters are known for their flexibility. You can keep the bottom set of shutters closed for privacy while opening the top set for your preferred amount of natural light and ventilation. The adjustable louvered openings provide maximum control over light and air flow. They are perfect for any time throughout the year, keeping draughts at bey in the winter and allowing a cool stream of air in the summer.

Although functionality is their main selling point, tier on tier shutters do not compromise on style: they a long heritage in traditional design and a great deal of continental elegance to their name. Adding this covering to your windows will guarantee not only privacy but also charm and grace. When tier on tier shutters have got your privacy covered, the only reason why people would look through your windows is to admire your beautiful shutters!

Café style shutters

For a window shutter that makes the most of both light and privacy, choose café style shutters. Covering only the bottom half of your window (with the top half left bare or otherwise dressed), these shutters give you a constant stream of unobstructed light without risking your privacy. Even on those occasions where you do not want any light flooding through the upper window, you are still free to combine the shutters with curtains for additional coverage and style.

What thinking about how to make glass windows private you also need to consider aesthetics, and café style shutters are certainly not lacking in the looks department. Their sophisticated design reflects the window stylings found in provincial cafés and bars all throughout Europe. Likewise, you can customise your colour choices to complement your interior colour scheme, turning the shutters into a decorative focal point as well as a practical covering for privacy.

Solid shutters

If privacy is your number one priority above light and ventilation, solid shutters are your best bet. With solid paneling that completely blocks out light when closed, total privacy is guaranteed. However, you can simply open up the shutters and let your windows do all the work should you need to illuminate and ventilate your space. Despite allowing less control than other shutters, you will never have to worry about prying eyes when solid shutters are protecting your windows.

Solid shutters used to be popular in Victorian townhouses due to their protective qualities, deterring burglars and keeping out noise. Although they are still found in Victorian interiors, homes of different periods and styles now use shutters for a taste of the traditional aesthetic. Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and install these shutters for full protection and privacy.

Still a bit spoilt for choice? Don’t worry, our team of window shutter specialists are here to help! For help discerning which shutters are best suited to your needs, feel free to get in touch.