Ideas & Inspiration 20.04.20

Modern Blind Ideas You Need To Know About

Blinds; they’re a window dressing featured in almost every home in the country. They come in a wide variety of options too. With this in mind, today we’re looking at modern blind ideas you need to know about to ensure your home is on trend at all times. 

What Blinds Are We Talking About?

When most people hear the word ‘blinds’, they instantly think about material blinds, from Roman to Venetian and even regular slatted blinds. Today however we’re looking at two different options. They’re different in not just style but material. 

Shutter Blinds

Of course, how could we discuss blinds without first discussing shutter blinds. Shutter blinds or plantation shutters as they’re also known are one of the most popular window dressings out there. They’re incredibly modern in their design, especially the likes of tier-on-tier and cafe style and they’re functional too, offering users amazing light control and privacy at the same time.

Here at Diamond Shutters, we offer a wide range of bespoke, made-to-measure window shutters that offer a timeless appeal in any room. From kitchens to living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, our window shutters are the ultimate modern addition to virtually every window in your home. Designed and installed correctly, you could even see an increase in property value too.

With such customizability, it’s no wonder our window shutters are the modern blind of choice. That being said, they aren’t the only blinds in a modern home today. 

Pairing Different Blinds Together

Another incredibly modern blind idea that would appear to be growing in popularity would be the method of pairing blinds together. The pairing we’re talking about specifically? Roman blinds and cafe style shutters. 

The beauty of cafe style shutters is that not only do they cost considerably less, as they cover only half the window, but they still allow for privacy and light control through the bottom half of the window. These are usually used for windows that sit on street level. Not only are they modern and affordable but they also allow for home owners to pair them with the popular roman blind which sits on the upper half of the window. 

Roman blinds, when paired with cafe style shutters offer homeowners so much more than mere window dressings. Not only do they provide great flexibility in terms of functionality of both light control and privacy but also offer an incredibly modern appeal. This pairing suits both a contemporary and traditional setting, offering the modern and luxurious feel of the window shutters but also the more homely, soft appearance that soft furnishings such as roman blinds can provide. It also allows homeowners the opportunity to change the material of their roman blinds as and when necessary to cater to changing tastes and seasons; pair with a clean, white window shutter and the opportunity to change the look of a room at the drop of a hat is easily done. 

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Window blinds such as roman and venetian options are a popular choice in homes up and down the UK however they simply don’t offer the benefits of made-to-measure window shutters. That being said, roman blinds paired with the likes of cafe style shutters can offer an incredible look for living rooms and bedrooms throughout the home. If however, you’d like shutter blinds throughout your home, we highly recommend you get in contact for more information. Simply call us today on 0208 302 2447.