Shutters 10.03.20

Discover Plantation Shutters on Patio Doors

French doors or patio doors as they’re otherwise known, are some of the most incredible additions to a home. They open up space, both physically and in terms light. Yet they seem to pose quite the stumbling block when it comes to dressing them. Today we’re going to look at two different types of shutters for French doors, that allow for both privacy and light control while still allowing you to enjoy them whatever the weather.

Shutters are a great window treatment for French and patio doors , as they offer a more durable and on-trend solution when compared to the likes of curtains or fabric blinds. The question is however, which type of shutter is best?

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Full Height Shutters For French Doors

Full height shutters with a mid rail is a very commonly used type of shutter. Made from wood,  these shutters are tough, hardy and incredibly long lasting. These can be used on French doors and patio doors and with Diamond Shutters, can be made to the exact measurement of your door frame size.

On full height shutters, mid rails are most commonly used to hide unsightly door handles while providing another element of strength to what can essentially be a rather tall door.

Made To Measure Tracked Shutters

If full height shutters aren’t your preferred choice, then you may want to look at tracked shutters. Tracked shutters are ideal for those who want to enjoy seeing an entirely open door when the shutters are pulled back. With tracked shutters, this is exactly what you can enjoy.

With tracked shutters, panels can be stacked on top of each other, much like bi-fold doors or they can remain parallel to the windows. Bi-fold style tracked doors however are perfect for those who wish for a totally clear view when they’re open. 

By using a top and bottom track, the tracked shutters will move freely as and when you need them to. Simply open them up and stack them neatly against the wall or beside the door reveal.

For Help Dressing Your French Doors, Contact Diamond Shutters Today

For more help and information when it comes to French Door window shutters, simply contact us today. 

Here at Diamond Shutters, we’ve spent many years designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality window shutters for not only every room in the home but every window shape possible.  We’ve installed countless full height and tracked window shutters for French doors up and down the country and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

If you’re undecided as to what would be the best option for you or simply want a quote, contact us today on 020 83022447. Our team will be more than happy to help advise you on the best course of action for you and your home.