Shutters 18.05.20

Plantation Shutters & Period Homes

A Match Made In Heaven

Plantation shutters are a beautiful and might we add popular addition in any home. There’s one style of home in particular however, where we see plantation shutters being an incredible asset to the overall look and appearance. The homes we’re talking about here are period homes. 

Period style homes are known for having sensational windows. Think large, statement windows; From huge bay windows to smaller, more unusually shaped windows, all of which often boast beautiful decorative framing. With such unusual windows, it’s imperative that the right window dressing is used and buying off the shelf simply isn’t an option. 

Bespoke Made-To-Measure Shutters Are The Answer

Thankfully, here at Diamond Shutters, our bespoke window shutter service will make any shape window, however ornate the design, the easiest of tasks.

For most period homes, odd shapes and unusual window designs can often throw up fitting and alignment problems. That’s why the help of a bespoke window shutter service, such as ours, is imperative. It doesn’t matter how your window is designed or how you want your shutters designed because our made-to-measure window shutters have you covered.

We’re proud to boast an incredible and might we add, highly-skilled team who won’t just create your perfect window shutters but will create window shutters that work for your specific window shape. We’ll consider everything from the style of your home to the shape of your window and of course, the type of light control and privacy you’re looking for. We’ll even consider the installation requirements ahead of time so you know what’s happening every step of the way.

We Guarantee The Perfect Fit

Here at Diamond Shutters, we have a great choice of window shutters available. From Full Tier shutters to Cafe Style shutters and even Tier-on-Tier window dressings. Our range of shutters allows us to find the perfect match for your style windows. With our expertise, we can then create the perfect made-to-measure fit that compliments your period style home.

Whether you’re looking to accentuate the period style of your home or want to add a modern touch to your traditional home’s interior, we can help you achieve your dream look with our high quality window shutters. 

Here At Diamond Shutters, We Have Every Room Covered

From bathrooms to living rooms, kitchens to bedrooms; our window shutters can be made-to-measure for any room in your period style home. From the very first phone call, we’ll work with you to ensure your window shutters don’t just fit, but compliment the style of your home and your specific window shape and frame. Plantation shutters and period homes – they’re a match made in heaven. If you’d like more information, simply contact us today on 0208 302 2447.