Bathroom Shutters

Window shutters for the bathroom are a great choice. Whether you have a small wet room or a palatial bathroom, bathroom shutters can be a great addition. They not only look incredibly stylish but they can be impactful in terms of functionality too. Hard-wearing and easy to keep clean, the question shouldn’t be if you should have bathroom window shutters but when.

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Full light control

Open or close individual sections for a full range of light


Durable wood is easily wiped down

Added privacy control

Panelled shutters are an aesthetic way to block out prying eyes



Pay over 6 or 12 months with 0% interest

Experience Bathroom Shutters

It’s never easy choosing a window dressing for the bathroom. With bathroom windows usually having a certain element of privacy already, whether it’s sandblasted or another type of window treatment, the biggest quandary for most is light control and what would be most suited to a humid room. With traditional wooden blinds struggling to stand up to the humidity and black out blinds offering little in the way of flexibility, window shutters can provide the perfect solution. Unlike curtains which can find themselves hanging over sinks and toilets, window shutters will be tucked into the window neatly and what’s more can offer complete flexibility when it comes to light control and privacy. Made of a plastic material, you’ll also find them able to withstand even the most steam filled showers day in, day out.

Bathroom Window Shutters Offer Flexibility

Shutters in bathrooms allow you to choose exactly how much light you want in the room. Whether you want total privacy or maximum light exposure, the choice is yours. Choosing a style such as tier-on-tier shutters will offer you complete flexibility by allowing you to tilt the bottom and top louvres in their own direction. Enjoy flexibility with tilted slats at the bottom and full light exposure through the top slats for instance. A very popular choice for bathrooms are our cafe-style window shutters as these provide you with the privacy at the bottom half of the window but allow for maximum light through an uncovered top half of your window.

Waterproof Bathroom Window Shutters

While it’s not uncommon to see curtains or fabric based blinds, there is a concern that these won’t stand up to the humidity within a bathroom in the long term. Likewise, wooden window shutters could find themselves warping after a certain period of time. For this reason, it’s recommended to choose to a plastic based window shutter that will easily stand the test of time in what is essentially a damp room and that’s exactly where we can help.

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