Styles & Trends 03.03.20

Waterproof Shutters For Bathroom Windows

When it comes to the bathroom, do you really consider the materials within it and how waterproof they are? It’s hugely important when you look at your bathroom that you consider this, especially when it comes to your window treatments. Whether it’s your bathroom, your downstairs toilet or even your kitchen, ensuring your window shutters are waterproof is paramount. 

What Are Your Options For Waterproof Window Shutters?

With today’s preference for white bathroom suites and even brighter tiles and flooring, finding the perfect window treatment can be tough for some. Thankfully, window shutters solve all of your problems as they not only suit every room in the home but they also suit most home decors, from traditional to modern. The question is, what sort of waterproof window shutter should you go for?


When it comes to our bathrooms, vinyl shutters are by far and wide, the best option. Window shutters made from vinyl will be quite literally impenetrable to moisture, no matter how steamy your bathroom gets. Not only will they last a long time in any damp room, but they’ll be easy to clean in terms of steam and dust. Vinyl window shutters are the perfect option for bathrooms.


if you’re looking for window shutters for a downstairs toilet perhaps, where dampness isn’t as big a problem, you can very easily use wooden shutters provided they’re treated. Do remember however that whatever treatment they receive, you will have to retreat at regular intervals otherwise you risk wooden shutter warping due to the moisture penetrating the wood.

What Type Of Shutter?

Once you’ve decided on the material you’re going to use in your bathroom, it’s then simply down to you to decide which style of waterproof shutter you want in there. Here at Diamond Shutters, we make bespoke, made-to-measure window shutters in any size, shape and colour you want. This means depending on the level of light control and privacy you want in the bathroom, you can choose from any style option we offer. From Cafe Style window shutters that provide privacy to the lower half of the window where it’s most needed, to Tier-On-Tier style window shutters that allow you to open and close upper and lower shutters separately. 

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Whether you’re looking to compliment an ultra modern bathroom or simply want to recreate a more traditional feel, here at Diamond Shutters, we can help you achieve the perfect window treatment in the form of waterproof window shutters. Offering both incredible style and functionality, you can trust in Diamond Shutters to provide you with the best quality window shutters at some of the most affordable prices around. For more information, contact us on 020 8302 2447.