Shutter Guides 02.11.17

Why choose shutters over blinds?

From style through to functionality, there are plenty of factors to consider when deciding how to dress your windows. A popular conundrum is the choice between blinds and shutters, with both offering different advantages and disadvantages. The option that is most suitable for your home will ultimately depend on a combination of aesthetics, practicality and budget. Of course we are biased towards interior window shutters but it is worth considering the pros and cons of both options in order to establish which will work best for your own personal requirements. In this post, we will explore the different options for window treatments and answer that all-important question: why choose shutters over blinds?


Style is inevitably the first factor to be considered, as the window treatment will need to integrate seamlessly into your home and enhance the overall interior design. Wooden window shutters will bring a timeless look that is perfect for classic interiors but also increasingly popular in the likes of contemporary apartments. In fact, shutters can be good for achieving a minimalist style, for example with simple white panels, which is a lasting trend.

With a fantastic array of stylish design available, featuring different materials and a plethora of colours, you’ll be sure to find an option that suits the style of your home. Of course blinds offer more in the way of patterns but people also tend to get bored of patterns quicker. Although blinds offer a softer touch, shutters are ideal for making a statement – one that is either bold or subtle depending on the style you opt for.

Light control

Shutters provide a myriad of options for light control. Keep the room bright and airy in the day, or close the cafe style shutters completely for a blackout effect at night. Hand in hand with light are the privacy levels, with shutters offering much greater privacy than blinds.

This incredibly versatile functionality of shutters allows you to adjust the levels of light and privacy with greater precision than you would be able to achieve with blinds or curtains. It is even possible to attain both light and privacy at the same time, an appealing combination.

Heat control

As well as light control, solid window shutters also provide the ability for heat control. Shutters are adept at keeping in the heat effectively, ideal for bringing the cost of heating bills down in the winter. This is primarily because they are custom made to fit the window, meaning there are less gaps for cold air to enter or hot air to be lost.

Alternatively, throw them open in the summer to keep the room fresh and cool. Or if you want a bit more privacy and to keep those pesky flies and wasps at bay, adjust the shutters to let in the air whilst keeping the undesirables out. The heat regulation aspect of shutters is a popular selling point for customers looking to have more control and improve the overall energy efficiency of their home.


One of the biggest selling points of shutters is there low maintenance. Window shutters are hardwearing, durable and easy to clean – three very appealing factors for busy households. Plus, unlike with blinds, there are no mechanisms that could potentially break requiring costly repairs. The durability of shutters makes them ideal for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where excess moisture or damp can be an issue. With the right treatment, shutters will cope just fine with these conditions.

Blind fabrics are prone to colour fading over time, which is a particular issue given that they sit in the window where they are constantly exposed to potentially damaging UV rays. Shutters are not only resistant to this extensive fading, they also reduce the fading of internal furniture and carpets by providing a barrier for the sunlight.


Shutters need to be installed by a professional to ensure the best possible end result. One great benefit of shutters is that they are extremely flexible, as they can be fitted to any shape or size window. Although both blinds and shutters can be bespoke because they are usually made to measure, shutters are generally the preferred option for obscure window shapes. Shutters are tailored to fit the window and can therefore enhance its natural architectural appeal.


It is difficult to directly compare blinds and shutters, as the prices for both vary hugely depending on quality and window size. On the whole, shutters tend to be more expensive; however, having high quality shutters that are tailored to your windows can actually add value to your home.

Plus, their exceptional durability makes them a long-term option that therefore makes them significantly more cost efficient. Also, as a timeless addition to your home, shutters are unlikely to go out of fashion so there’ll be no need to replace them unnecessarily early.

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