Shutters 02.07.19

Do Window Shutters Help With Home Security?

Wooden shutters have become a must-have for all homes now. They provide a modern alternative to regular blinds and look great at the same time. Looking fantastically functional isn’t their only benefit however, as more and more people now choose to install window shutters in a bid to help with home security.

In fact, they aren’t just a little beneficial, they’re absolutely ideal if you’re looking to ensure added privacy and enhance your home security further, while still being able to filter the light and air into your home as you please.

Whether you live above, below or directly on street level, you’ll no doubt at some point wish you had a little added privacy from passers-by on pavement to window cleaners and even the neighbours dog. This need for privacy is naturally extended to help prevent prying eyes who may have their sights set on your property for other reasons.

Window Shutters: Every Home Needs Them

You may be surprised to learn that window shutters, from full height window shutters to wooden, tracked and even tier on tier window shutters can all help in your bid to add an extra layer of security to your home. Don’t believe us?

Allow us to explain with this break down of security style benefits you could expect when you have any one of our window shutters installed in your home.

  • Durability – all of our window shutters are not only durable but hard wearing. This means that no matter how often you tinker with the slats to adjust the light, they’ll remain strong and steadfast in place for years to come. This added layer of material against a double or triple glazed window for instance will be more than off putting for those looking at ways of entry that don’t involve your front door and a key. With quality craftsmanship and a first-class finish and installation, you can rest assured they’ll remain steadfast and strong, adding to your home security at what may otherwise prove to be a weak point in the home.
  • Keep Prying Eyes Out – statistics show that those breaking and entering will do so after having inspected the property via the windows, taking note of what’s on show and what’s available. Without the opportunity to see what’s on offer inside, many choose to walk away and instead target another property that showcases their belongings in an easier fashion. Adjustable louvres not only give you total control over the light entering your property but also help keep prying eyes out of your home.

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While more traditional home deterrents may often be unsightly, you can rely on our window shutters to provide you with some of the most elegant security out there. If you’d like more information on our range of window shutters here at Diamond Shutters, simply contact us today on 020 8302 2447.