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Wood or MDF shutters?

Wood or MDF shutters? In the world of interior window shutters, the two most commonly used materials are wood (namely, basswood) and MDF (medium-density fibreboard). But what is the difference between the two, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which should you opt for in your own home? Our customers often ask […]

Which materials are best for window shutters?

When it comes to choosing which shutters are best for your home, the materials from which they’re made should be a primary consideration. The room in which your shutters will be installed, the design and colour scheme of your room, the width of your window frame, the purpose of your shutters – these are all […]

How to clean window shutters

In addition to boasting a long list of practical benefits compared to other dressings, window shutters have the aesthetic potential to become a central feature of your interior. They can provide a touch of elegance and luxury to rooms of any style, attracting eyes from both guests on the inside and those admiring your home […]

The benefits of installing shutters in your bathroom

Despite being seen as a purely functional space, the bathroom should never be neglected when it comes to interior design. After all, it isn’t just there to be used, it’s also there to be enjoyed. In all cases, considerations about the look and feel of your space should factor into the practical decisions you make. […]

4 eco-friendly benefits of window shutters

4 eco-friendly benefits of window shutters Most people nowadays want their home to be a bit greener, and a big part of this process involves learning about the environmental effects of a certain product before diving straight into a purchase. These little decisions make a big impact over time, and asking yourself whether or not […]

Why choose shutters over blinds

Why choose shutters over blinds From style through to functionality, there are plenty of factors to consider when deciding how to dress your windows. A popular conundrum is the choice between blinds and shutters, with both offering different advantages and disadvantages. The option that is most suitable for your home will ultimately depend on a […]

Visible or hidden tilt rod?

Visible tilt rod or hidden tilt rod? As well as deciding which type of shutter you would like, there are a few other things to consider. Colour Louvre size Tilt rod – visible or hidden We know that the tilt rod question is sometimes a difficult one.  Our customers are often unsure as to whether […]

Shutter options for Sash windows

Shutter options for Sash windows This week we’ve been asked about the best shutter options for sash windows, so here goes…. A sash window or hung sash window is made of one or more movable panels, or “sashes”, that form a frame to hold panes of glass, which are often separated from other panes by […]

Making the choice for Health, Safety and Security reasons

Shutters, Blinds or Curtains? If you can’t decide between shutters, blinds or curtains you may want to consider the following health, safety and security factors. Blinds Safety At Diamond Shutters, we understand the importance of ensuring a child’s world is as safe and secure as possible. The main reason blind cords are so dangerous is […]

Keep the draughts out!

Keep the draughts out! If you’re thinking about raising the elegance factor in your home by having shutters installed, you will want to know that apart from many other practical benefits, one, in particular, could save you money! Did you know? You could be losing 25-50% of the heating in your home through the windows? […]