Shutters 12.09.19

Are Window Shutters Warmer Than Curtains?

It’s one of the most common questions we find ourselves being asked here at Diamond Window Shutters; are window shutters warmer than curtains? While this question is indeed a lot more common during the winter months, it’s worth remembering that here in the UK, it doesn’t matter what month we’re in; it’s all too easy for good old blighty to throw us into the midst of a cold spell – even in August.

Save Money On Heating Bills

With that in mind, ensuring you have the warmest solutions possible is imperative in your home, not just for your own comfort but for the wellbeing of your wallet too because let’s face it, no one likes huge heating bills hitting them after a cold few months.

Window Shutters And Curtains; Which Is Better?

When it comes to deciding between window shutters and curtains, it pays to consider every aspect, from insulation itself to flexibility, effectiveness and of course, blocking out the sun during the warmer months too. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both.

Plantation Shutters

Options such as plantation shutters offer homeowners complete flexibility as they help keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is down to the structure of the interior shutters stopping the heat from escaping through the windows, acting rather like a barrier.

Keeping Your Home Warm

This helps stop the cold air outside from entering the home, much like in the summer months, preventing hotter air from entering the home too.

Shutters are generally made from a much thicker material too, when compared with curtain, which means they’ll also contribute to retaining the temperature inside of your home.

This will naturally save on energy bills. Wooden shutters specifically are known as thermally dynamic.

This means they reflect the majority of the cold air outside before it reaches your interiors.

The Disadvantages Of Curtains

Curtains, while not made from as dense a material, can offer a great amount of flexibility in that they can offer you more or less insulation, depending on what you’re looking for.

While sheer and net materials won’t aid in insulating your home, a good black out curtain will contribute somewhat.

The only downside being that your home instantly becomes a lot darker – great for cosy nights, not so great for summer days.

Whether a curtain can help reduce heat loss in the home as much as wooden shutters can (up to 51% reduction) remain to be seen however.

Although they are indeed a very popular choice, in order for curtains to be efficient at keeping your home warm, they need to be closed fully. This not only darkens your home immediately, but also completely obscures the view outside.

Window Shutters Are The Warmer Choice

Without a doubt, window shutters aren’t just the warmer choice; they’re also the easier choice to live with, allowing you the flexibility of opening louvers as and when you see fit while still providing a certain amount of insulation.

Compare this to curtains, which need to be blackout and fully closed in order to provide a real difference.

While curtains do and always will have their place, if you’re looking for true added insulation in your home, enough to make a difference to your monthly heating bills, we suggest you take a look at the array of window shutters we have available here at Diamond Window Shutters. Contact us today on 020 83022447.