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How To Pair Shutters With Curtains

One of the greatest things about decorating your own home is the ability to do exactly what you want, so if you’ve found yourself struggling to decide between curtains and shutters, why not enjoy both? Here at Diamond Window Shutters, we say if you’re fighting the urge to pair, fight no more and simply double up in a stylistic and super functional manner.

There are so many benefits to pairing curtains with window shutters from the aesthetics to the added insulation and soundproofing from shutters. Throw in the added protection from noise pollution outside and help with improving one’s sleep and for some, having curtains as well as window shutters is a no brainer.

Do window shutters reduce noise

How To Install Window Shutters And Curtains Together Successfully

Functionality aside, the aesthetics of pairing window shutters and curtains is becoming a popular one. To ensure it’s done correctly however, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure they look as good as possible. If you’re certain of the window dressings you want, then we recommend having your window shutters chosen and installed first. This is especially so if you’re dressing completely bare windows.

When it comes to choosing your window shutters at this point, we highly recommend choosing a more neutral style of shutter as this is more likely to not only adapt to different rooms but different curtain choices too. This then gives you the ability to change things up a little in future with just curtain fabric. If you want the shutters to be your focal point, ensure these are darker than your curtains however do remember that these can make your room appear darker than you may intend.

Next Up…Curtains

Once you’ve chosen and installed your window shutters, it’s time to look at your curtains. With curtains typically being drawn during the day, it gives you room to choose more elaborate patterns. It’s also worth pairing as high a quality curtain as you can afford with your window shutters to ensure a consistently stylish space. By this we mean opting for thick, luxurious materials as opposed to transparent or opaque materials.

Curtains will tend to look better when left to drape themselves as opposed to being tied back too; remember this when looking at different styles for each room. Last but not least, remember to hang the curtains at least a few cm above the top of the window as this will lengthen the appearance of the window creating a feeling of height and space.

If you’re still unsure when it comes to ensuring a successful pairing, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep you on track.

  • Always choose and install shutters before choosing your curtains.
  • Unless you want your shutters to be the focal point of the room, choose pale, neutral coloured shutters.
  • Choose a curtain rail that matches both your curtains and your shutters.
  • Don’t be afraid to pair shutters with curtains; while it can be unusual, it can be a fabulously stylish addition to the home.
  • Do not opt for dark shutters and dark curtains with bold patterns unless you’re happy with your room looking a little on the busy side.

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