Ideas & Inspiration 27.04.20

Big Bay Windows

When it comes to window dressings, big bay windows can be a difficult one to master. They’re large, in some cases almost palatial and require a certain amount of attention. Here at Diamond Shutters however, we have some top tips to have you ray windows looking nothing short of. exquisite. Before we dive into how we can dress your big bay windows perfectly, we thought it best to explain what a bay window is exactly. 

What’s A Big Bay Window?

Put simply, a bay window can be virtually any window that projects outward from the main wall of your home or building. While the vast majority of bay windows are curved, some can be a little more creative with more rectangular shapes and even triangles, polygons and more. Regardless of the type of bay window you own, at Diamond Shutters, we have a few top tips to help you ensure your big bay window looks the best it possibly can.

Our Top Tips For Bay Windows

Here are some of our simple yet ingenious methods to really maximise the look of your bay windows and ensure you enhance this incredible feature as much as possible. 

Window Shutters Create A Striking Appeal

Shutters can create a striking effect. Made to measure and totally bespoke from our team, your shutters can be used to emphasise your bay windows even more, including their shape. This is especially the case for those with more obscure shaped bay windows such as rectangles and polygons. With the use of larger louvres too, you can let in more light and still enjoy a sense of privacy from the foot/road traffic outside.

Play With Curtains

Curtains can serve a very important purpose when it comes to your bay window in the form of aesthetics. Consider the curtains a frame to the stunning shutters you’ve had installed. When it comes to bay windows, shutters and curtains go hand in hand but it’s down to you in terms of the curtains you choose. While some choose one single long curtain, we recommend using multiple curtains. The longer the curtain the better too, to add a dramatic appearance to such a beautiful feature. Don’t forget to play with colours and ensure your fabric is lined for a thicker,  more luxurious appeal.

Don’t Forget The Flowers

Bay windows were meant to be adorned with flowers and so they should be. Once your window shutters and curtains are in place, be sure to add a vase of flowers too; scented and on full display works best every time.

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